Huevos Rancheros

by Adrienne


Everyone else in the food blog world is having cookie week, why can’t I have Mexican week? Because of Christmas? I guess that makes sense. I promise this is my last Mexican dish for at least a week. I just have so much salsa in my fridge right now, I have to use it for something!

Huevos rancheros might be my favorite breakfast food. Actually, I think chicken fried steak is my favorite, but for the sake of not-really-Mexican-week, huevos rancheros wins. I’ve had some really great restaurant huevos rancheros, and I’ve had some really terrible — super dry and completely bland. I like to make it at home because I have complete control over everything, especially the (excessive) amount of sour cream it’s smothered in.

I recently came across a new way of making the eggs for huevos, and I’m only a little embarrassed I didn’t think of this on my own. It’s so simple and reduces the amount of dishes you have to wash afterwards. Genius.


I do not condone the lack of sour cream on this plate. Less was used for fear of disgusting readers with my opinion of the “appropriate” amount.

Inspired by ohsodelicioso

4 corn tortillas
4 eggs
2 c salsa
refried or black beans
chorizo, seasoned beef, or chicken (I used this)
sour cream

1. In a large skillet, heat salsa over medium heat until it’s just starting to bubble. Crack eggs directly into salsa and cover. Cook until eggs are done to your preference and yolks are covered in white.

2. Heat a small frying pan over medium heat. Once hot, toast tortillas one at a time for ~30 seconds on each side.

3. Spread beans on tortillas (optional), top with meat (optional), cover with salsa and eggs (not optional) and smother in cheese and sour cream (optional). It is also highly recommended that you enjoy this with a coke (let’s be honest, not optional).

4. Thank your cat for all of his “help.”