About the Cat


Meet Kevin.

Kevin came to me in December of 2010 from a friend who could no longer keep him. He is hilarious and I love him.


In spring of 2012, Kevin had an accident. We don’t know exactly what happened, just that he was fine when he went outside, but wasn’t when he came back. He dislocated his leg, damaging a major nerve and now has what we affectionately refer to as a “gimpy leg.” He retains all the abilities of cats who have four fully functional legs and used to impress us daily with all he can still do. Now we don’t even notice, it’s just a part of who he is. So if you see pictures and wonder what happened to that poor guy, just know that we don’t know either, and that there’s no need to pity him at all! He’s very happy and sassy and everything a cat should be.


Gimpy leg. Also, ice cream & sock lover.